Eileen Buck
Director of COGO

How do you choose a company to help you achieve your strategic goals?

Conducting business in today’s regulated environment is challenging. Handling sensitive information imposes obligations and risks that need to be clearly defined and controlled. Implementation must be undertaken in a way which demonstrates both best practice and compliance, making information a valuable asset rather than a potential liability. The COGO Agency can assist you in establishing and maintaining GDPR compliance. 

The COGO Agency defines itself by its clarity of purpose, expertise and cost discipline. We provide solutions designed to enhance compliance and information governance whilst reducing costs. By helping clients to identify issues and optimise solutions, we manage information risk whilst protecting and adding institutional and shareholder value.

At COGO Agency we promote tools, implemented with exceptional backup to improve practices within our customers. We are always checking that whatever we propose satisfies the question 'how will this improve our business?' as we strive to make our customers highly efficient and competitive in their own marketplace.

Our solutions come backed with the highest quality support. In our experience, successful implementation results in improved compliance, an empowered workforce and material cost savings.

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Eileen Buck - Director of COGO

IBITGQ EU Certified GDPR Practitioner