User Behaviour Analytics ZONEFOX

Who are ZoneFox?

ZoneFox assists organizations across the globe to protect their business-critical data against insider threats.  Their award-winning technology provides all-round visibility of activities on your data by monitoring user behaviour and data flows and alerting you immediately of any anomalous or malicious activity. 

ZoneFox answers the frequently asked questions - who, what, where and when – ensuring your network has no more blind spots, with no more ‘inferring’ - just facts and real-time insights you can act upon.

Your security posture is further strengthened, business-critical information is protected, risks are mitigated, and regulatory compliance is increased.





Who needs ZoneFox?

Legal Firms

ZoneFox provides data loss prevention capabilities in a manageable and lightweight form for the modern legal firm. When ZoneFox is implemented, reputation and market position are protected because you can assure your clients that their sensitive data will not be accessed by unauthorised employees.  Yet should a breach occur you will be able to immediately identify and stop the perpetrator.

Gaming and Hi-Tech Companies

ZoneFox User Activity Tracking provides an effective, economic solution to the needs of technology-focused organisations. It safeguards your corporate reputation and intellectual property which protects the bottom line from costly security breaches.

Financial Institutions

FCA Regulations demand close scrutiny of who is accessing personal information stored on your systems. ZoneFox enables your organisation to instantly respond to stop data breaches and to monitor departing employees who may wish to take sensitive client information with them to your competitors.

Pharmaceutical Companies

It is a protracted process, with many risks, to develop, test and bring to market vital healthcare products on time. Among those risks are potential leaks of critical data such as IP and test results. ZoneFox helps prevent loss of this data while allowing the collaborative creative processes to continue unrestricted.

Healthcare Organisations

Healthcare organisations are heavily regulated and often suffer considerable budgetary restrictions. You need to react immediately to breaches to avoid costly fines. ZoneFox enables such organisations to constantly monitor and instantly alert, allowing you to prevent data loss, monitor employees and respond rapidly using forensic capabilities.

Why choose ZoneFox?

How does it work?


ZoneFox provides an organisation ‘situational awareness’ of insider user behaviours, which may result in data and policy breaches. Such activities can result in significant intellectual asset loss, compliance or reputational implications. Until now, because of the high data volumes involved, businesses have struggled to take a complete recording of all activities for security analytics.

  1. A smart lightweight agent (installed on Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints and SQL Server databases) securely collects all activity from the endpoint (on and offline).The ZoneFox agent monitors activity in real time from the moment of successful installation.
  2. A collector server (deployed on premise or in Cloud) analyses all activity and applies big data and machine learning techniques to analyse the data, trigger rule-based alerts and detect anomalies which could be missed by human review.
  3. Alerting, reporting and management capabilities. These events can be sent to your existing reporting engines.